The earth alliance is reporting, that a few earth days ago, solar observatories all around the globe detected, filmed and photographed the largest influx of lightships coming into this solar system in modern human history!
This data is locked away from public eyes to avoid panic for those who are unconscious and the data is only leaked out to key earth alliance members via the a cosmic-level, top-secret security clearance!
Coded transmissions from one of these huge lightships shows the fleet originated from the 5th dimensional pleiades!
The data also shows the size of this magnificent fleet to be numbered near 30,000.
These plasma ships are massive in size, very advanced and have millions of beings on board each one!
12 of these plasma craft are galactic security ships and each one has close to 300,000 delta security forces on board each ship!

The earth alliance is reporting, that a few earth days ago, solar observatories all around the globe detected, filmed and photographed the largest influx of lightships coming into this solar system in modern human history!
This data is locked away from public eyes to avoid panic for those who are unconscious and the data is only leaked out to key earth alliance members via the a cosmic-level, top-secret security clearance!
Coded transmissions from one of these huge lightships shows the fleet originated from the 5th dimensional pleiades!
The data also shows the size of this magnificent fleet to be numbered near 30,000.
These plasma ships are massive in size, very advanced and have millions of beings on board each one!
12 of these plasma craft are galactic security ships and each one has close to 300,000 delta security forces on board each ship!

These ships are here for the purpose of shielding and blocking the last major negative-energy , multidimensional wormhole that is funneling draco energy directly to earth from the Rigel star system!
These anti-matter wormholes were created when several etheric and plasma nuclear explosions were detonated above key, earth-energy grid points!
Chaotic, dense 3d-matrix energy has been flowing through this artificial stargate for years and star nations are now confirming that this portal is being closed, for good, as we speak!

Pleiadian delta security forces have been using advanced, monatomic andara crystal energy to fully close all negative stargates leading to earth and to transmute the negative energy of all controlling dark forces that have ruled this planet for eons!
Delta security forces are in the process now of depleting the energy of any remaining negative beings and surface cabal who have been controlling and harming the beings of earth for the last 350,000 years!

As of May 2019, these beings are now threatened with complete extinction, forever and their last-ditch effort to terraform earth and transhumanize the population using 5G negative energy fields, nanobots and quantum computers has been thwarted according to pleiadian military commanders!

Two previous attempts to trigger the event using andara technology and plasma bombs to close negative artificial energy portals had to be halted for the sake of all life on earth!
Both of these two past timelines have been collapsed by pleiadian light forces into the new earth gamma timeline!

Great ones,
Now we are in the gamma timeline, which is a slow and sure way to lead the planet towards full liberation without destroying the ecosystem and the surface population in the process.

Benevolent light forces that are surrounding the earth at this very moment have requested that we, the starseeds on the ground now provide the required support needed to fully liberate planet Earth by, independence day, July 4th, 2019!

An epoch in human evolution is taking place right now dear ones where a move to personal sovereignty is starting to take place on a mass collective level!

The same andara technology that star forces are using to clear cosmic negative energy has been made available to the starseeds of earth!

Many beings of earth are experiencing benefits of andara crystal technology in manifesting their 5d heaven on earth, by receiving great healing and now we can assist the higher beings using their same technology to help free the planet as we move forward with operation freedom earth!

Delta forces relayed a special sacred geometry seal to the earth alliance that in conjunction with 4 monatomic andara crystals, creates an in penetrable etheric energy forcefield!
This angelic seal and the 5d andara crystals also transmute low-vibrational energy near your auric field at once!
This pleiadian protection and etheric transmutation grid can be found on our website below!


Sovereignty is about realizing who and what you truly are and to start being this!
It means that you are no less than what you are calling God and when you start to be this, you no longer depend on anyone or anything, but yourself!

The wingmakers call this the sovereign integral and it is the greatest evolutionary leap that mankind has ever known!
At this stage the light beings of earth become true galactic citizens and begin to govern themselves and live as such!

At this point in one’s evolution, you begin to be the highest and grandest version of yourself that you can conceive of and you begin to live out of your heart completely!














Great ones,
Earth has reached a critical apex in its evolution and in its very survival!
Things absolutely cannot and will not continue as they have with careless care of the planet being handled by a handful of remaining negative beings!


International earth scientists and biosphere experts have issued a serious warning to all, that human society is now under urgent threat from a complete loss of earth’s natural life!
Please become conscious of the fact that over 1 million species of living beings on the surface of planet earth and the entire ecosystem of earth is facing a complete and imminent extinction!
What’s more concerning is, the entire human population of earth depends on the other species for its own survival!

Benevolent beings have now stepped in and have decreed that a plan is in place to stop and reverse this dire situation!

We are here to bring solutions and positive news for the hope of a glorious new epoch on planet earth!

The grand event will now be fully triggered and a blinding light that the earth has never seen is coming just over the horizon!

How to work with an andara crystal:
Simply come into close contact with an andara, hold it, meditate with it, gaze upon it and send your highest intention into it!
Andara will greatly amplify your desires and manifest them quickly and directly to you from a higher dimensional plane.




With Extracts from Master Jesus and Mother Mary’s previous messages, as well as a new message from my Ascended Twin Flame Andre received on March 31, 2017.
Christine: I act as a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, the spiritual hierarchy of Ascended Masters and Archangels that is operating from the higher dimensions of our system. I receive messages, including word for word dictations, or thought transmissions of light codes, or notions, from the higher realms, by the method of telepathic communication. When the ability to receive these communications appeared, I underwent some training, and after this I was informed that I had been accepted as a Messenger. I have explained in the video ‘Introduction to the Ascension’ listed on Matt Muckleroy’s website, that this phenomenon is not unique, and that it is because the Light is causing changes in our DNA that certain psychic abilities are appearing. There will be a time when everybody will be student of the God Within, and it will be the end of skepticism and of arguments about whether a notion is true or not. Since the election of President Donald Trump we are in a period of Transition with Disclosure taking place. As explained in my previous videos, published by Matt Muckleroy, as well as more recently, by the Secret Garden, the new narratives, new perceptions, as well as disclosure, are the result of mankind being moved up upon the ladder of the dimensions, both in consciousness and in physicality. The process of Ascension and its effects are the result of a clearing up and disentanglement carried out by the forces of the Light. New points of view are appearing, or are being allowed to be expressed in the media. You could also say that new paradigms are emerging but it is just that truths have been suppressed, and this is now being exposed. A battle is still taking place between the forces of the Light and those of the Dark that I have called the ‘archdeceivers’ in my last video. The latter are resilient to give up their power and control, and this is related to the Armageddon of the psyche, as souls are slowly being disentangled from what has been keeping them in bondage. We have recently heard that the UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, has set everything in motion for Brexit to become a tangible reality for Britain. This is but the beginning and an early stage in the liberation that is going to take place for the countries of Europe, in a parallel way to that of the United States of America. It is a liberation from the symbolic Beast of Babylon of the Book of Revelation. I have recently received messages concerning the two main notions which constitute the main tool of the dark forces to keep mankind under their control, as well as the foundation of their worst conspiracies. These subjects are in the first place, NASA’s lies to perpetuate the Copernicus and Gravity theories that are in relation to the idea that earth is a globe, but please note that my last videos have pointed to the idea that Genesis has borrowed notions from the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian traditions, as well as the Gnostic scriptures. I have also pointed out that researchers should not make conclusions based upon a literal interpretation of the Old Testament. However, the new science which derives from observations together with the Vedic, or Hindu, ancient cosmology, is in my view a breakthrough. I have received messages from Archangel Michael concerning the fact the physical plane is a platform of life. The second point is in relation to an historical falsification by the method of a literary tool, which has resulted with millions of people being indoctrinated, or as if they were placed under a spell, by a crucifixion story that only took place in the gospels written, as demonstrated by some scholars, by the Flavian Emperors. The first subject has been discussed in my previous two videos, and for the matter of the crucifixion, or of the Resurrection without the Cross, we are revisiting the Master Jesus’ as well as Mother Mary’s messages I received last year.
I have a new text for the notions related to the Resurrection and Ascension without the Cross, which will be given at the end of this exposé.
Christine: Before presenting some clarifications with regard to the Doctrine of Sacrifice which is central to the notion of the crucifixion, I would like to revisit the message I have received from the Master Jesus that was published on December 24, 2016. It is as follows:
Master Jesus, Christ’s Forgotten Works in Avalon, Part 2
Christine: Having listened to the video ‘Christ’s Forgotten Works in Avalon & as Melchizedeck,’ a text I prepared on December 22, 2016, I received a telepathic communication from the master Jesus and He gave me the following message:
Master Jesus: I am not sure you and the lightworkers have understood that I was not crucified in actual fact. I was crucified in the version written by the Flavian Emperor. They created the gospels. I know this is rather a controversial claim and more explanations will be needed in the future. My mother, whom you call Mother Mary, gave you a dictation in which she said that I did not die on any cross, and this is true, but you thought it may have meant that I survived the crucifixion. I have let this go on for a while to allow you as well as the lightworkers to get used to the idea that it was only in the falsified gospels that the scenario of my sacrifice on a cross, as well as death, appeared. It has been a bit of a confusing matter for you. What I want to also say is that you were with me in those days as my daughter Melissa, and this has not been recorded. What the Flavian scribe did was to try and show that the Romans were right or superior and that no one should oppose them, so they concocted this story of sacrifice upon a cross as the Romans actually used this method of crucifixion just as today the electric chair is used in the United States of America. Why did they then suggest an actual resurrection from the dead? Because they wanted to use this concept to grip the people with a concept they had misunderstood. It was when they organised their body of works called the Canon, because they were canonical in opposition to apocryphal. This means they were mainstream to them by opposition to works they didn’t regard as having value in respect of the new doctrine that had been devised by Constantine and his theological advisers. He had decided that the way to control the population was to falsify Christ’s teachings, those teachings were indeed Gnostic and esoteric. He wanted the population to remain ignorant of their divine connection in the heart to the ‘I Am’ that could liberate them and permit them to ascend. For political reasons he thought he could use a falsification of my teachings to exercise control over the conquered people of the Roman Empire. Hence the doctrine of sacrifice was brought into being, together with the idea of a Son of God who was unique, and superior, and had been sacrificed by his own Father, to die for the sins of man, to redeem those sins, as if that could permit them to enter the kingdom of heaven! What was totally left out of the doctrine was the concept of the conquest of the human nature, and the resurrection from this mortal nature which is due to false perceptions and acceptance of mortality. Ascension has been known in antiquity and the dark forces had attempted to suppress knowledge about it. Hence for thousands of years the forces in power have indoctrinated mankind with a scenario written by some Roman emperors or their scribe Flavius Joseph, who had studied Jewish history and the Messianic movement at Qumran. He used some early records and some original copies were destroyed after the canonical gospels were completed. The Templars as well as certain sects rejected this doctrine and were demonised for this. It was not me, or Christ, the Templars rejected, but the story of crucifixion associated with an atonement for an original sin. The idea of such a sin was taken from Genesis 3 in which Adam and Eve, though they are not yet named, in that chapter, apparently sin because they eat of the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil. ../…
Mankind is experiencing an awakening and rise in consciousness that is parallel to the personal overcoming and transcendence of the human nature. You are to resurrect from the mortal consciousness. You will experience resurrection in the sense of this overcoming and it will first be experienced as healing, and changes as a result of the coming shift to 4th density. This is a shift that is global and in relation to Planet Earth’s ascension to the 5th dimension. The way to a life free of disease and death is not for the immediate future but you will be receiving teachings and instruction in preparation for that final shift. For the time being, at the end of this year of 2016, expect gradual changes in your physical body that will reflect the shift to 4th density. You have acquired a different perception of reality, one that corresponds to the spirituality of the 5th kingdom, or 5th dimension. You are entering the realm upon which your third eye chakra will function with greater magical power to create New Gaia. This is but the beginning. I am your Servant friend, Master Jesus, leaving you for now in love and peace.
Christine: In this message, the Master Jesus referred to the one Mother Mary gave me and that was published on February 28, 2016. It was entitled ‘Truth, Precipitation’ and was a dictation directly to paper, and word for word. Here is an extract from it as it was very long.
Mother Mary, February 28, 2016
Mother Mary: Yes, it is me, Mother Mary, and I would like you to use what you have written last night with Archangel Faith and your Ascended Twin Flame André, as being a teaching from my heart, a teaching that I support and could not have put in better words. I especially like your historical research concerning Constantine’s alteration of my son’s original teachings. He turned it into a doctrine with despicable connotations of a sacrifice on the cross being necessary for the salvation of mankind, when the potential is within your heart. It is the threefold flame, your connection with your I AM. It is that image of Christ that you mirror into the matter world. You have it within you. My son did not have to die on a cross for the sins of mankind. Those so-called sins in the Garden of Eden were a misuse of power that caused the downfall of Atlantis. That episode of history is told in Genesis. All of that section concerning the Old World before the Flood relates to the Atlantean era. That misuse of the Light resulted with a karmic debt that had to be balanced, or repaid. You have the tools the Ascended Masters have provided to make this repayment, to bring the world through the process of Ascension. It is part of it. One Master dying on a cross, shedding his blood, is not a sacrifice that could repay this karma, this misuse of energy. Mankind still has to go through a long process of transformation, at the core of its psyche, to ascend to higher consciousness. What was achieved by my son was his own Ascension. And also he provided a balance of Light in the world by his presence, in the company of the souls that had come into embodiment to work with him. It was as it is today. You provide a new paradigm of being, just by being present and by seeking to fulfill your own destiny in alignment with the Will of God. My son, Ieshoua ben Joseph, Issa, or Jesus, actually did not die on a cross. He was not even put on a cross. The Gnostics knew this. You can imagine it is a very delicate and controversial subject. The Templars also knew this. They didn’t reject Christ but Constantine’s doctrine because it was devised for the control of the masses. Sacrifice was typically Roman. Just know this for the time being, as it is not possible to expand on this subject in this dictation. Know that there is a true teaching hidden in the Scriptures. It is esoteric. It requires interpretation. Jesus taught the principle of Reincarnation during his life 2,000 years ago. It has been removed from the New Testament. He went to India and Tibet, and was educated in the blessed Isles of Britain by Druids. I moved to Avalon with Joseph of Arimathea and built a wattle church in that place called Glastonbury. I just wanted to mention a few words about this. It is true that some of the ancient kings of Britain were descendants of Arimathea.
To come back to the subject being discussed, the spirituality that should have manifested in the timelines following our presence on Earth 2,000 years ago, was impeded, obstructed. The negative forces created a system of belief appearing to be a religion, but behind its bright façade was a very subtle instrument of deception, the doctrine of atonement, this sacrifice on the cross. Furthermore, insisting on the exclusive nature of its revelation, or the uniqueness of Christ, as the Only Son of God, the Roman Church raised Jesus upon a pedestal of worship corresponding to Roman idolatry. Millions of people are blind to this fact today. They insisted he should be worshipped in order for mankind to gain the glory of paradise, but only after death. Faith and commitment to the doctrine had to be blind. …/…
Disclosure is the great Event that is about to unfold. It will disclose the suppression of Truth. It has already started as the truth has been exposed about different categories of subjects, one by one in the mainstream media.
A replacement in governance of that Nation – which was destined to be an example of democracy, and instead has been infiltrated down to its core and leadership by the forces of darkness – is shortly to take place. Following this a phase of disclosure will begin with the scandalous matter of betrayal related to 9/11. I am Mother Mary, confirming to Christine that this notion is correct. She takes my dictation and doesn’t know what is coming next. But while listening to one of Donald Trump’s speeches recently, something he said made her suspect that Archangel Gabriel’s last announcement concerning a disclosure may have been related to that subject of 9/11. Some ideas concerning a disclosure on that subject have spread many years ago, but in the mainstream media this is still regarded as a conspiracy theory. However, of course, if a new President – one who, by the way, needs to be extremely resilient, dynamic and vigorous, to be able to oppose the Establishment – if that one told you that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ to create an enemy, create the idea of terrorism, to serve the mechanism of the war industries, the number of doubting Thomas would drop sharply. And I am now revealing, as Christine is noting word for word, in this method of dictation, that Archangel Gabriel’s announcement alluded to this particular topic.
We are entering a phase of Disclosure entailing a complete dismantling of the various systems of thought created by the powers of darkness in recent decades. These were also built upon the legacy inherited during thousands of years of slavery under the Anunnaki. I am referring to the system that has kept you in ignorance and darkness. It is a system that allowed academics and researchers to accumulate a wealth of data and knowledge but within the box of the exoteric confines.
Ascended Twin Flame André on ‘Resurrection Without the Cross’
received March 31, 2017
Christine: Greetings Lightworkers! The crucifixion is central to the Doctrine of Sacrifice and Atonement, for a sin stated in the Old Testament which the Roman Church has called the ‘original sin’. It caused the Fall from Paradise. However, what the Fathers of the Church have cleverly done is that they have put the blame on mankind for the loss of a golden age, that of Lemuria, through the Atlantean decline and downfall of the Atlantean civilization which were due to the Atlantean progeny that misused the power they genetically inherited from the Sons of God who were sent as Initiators. That progeny, as demonstrated in the message from Mother Mary that explains why Archangel Michael fashioned his Sword of Blue Flame, was not the souls of the present mankind, but the incarnation of laggards that recreated the civilization they had previously known, and were represented as Cain (spelled C A I N) in Genesis. They were the reason that murder and corruption, in fact all unrighteousness appeared. As you know from the Book of Enoch, the fallen Watchers were bound by Archangel Michael and then kept in chain in the bottomless pits, the astral plane, or abysses. They were the same as the Dragon of Revelation that was cast on earth, and that after the Atlantean disasters were prevented from incarnating until about 2,000 years ago, because they had misused psychic powers. These fallen souls have been called Archons, Nephilim, fallen angels, Luciferian, and archdeceivers. Their genetic manipulations as told in the Nag Hammadi text were from a previous time, in the Tiamat days. They were allowed incarnation in the Lemurian days and caused the downfall of civilization in Atlantean days. They were given a second or third chance to incarnate and learn the lessons of life in the post-diluvian world. They had an agenda to enslave the souls that have a thread to the I Am Presence, or Spirit Within, in bondage. In addition to the original sin not being mannkind’s transgression, the fact that these lightbearers possess a link to the I Am Presence, is the reason that they do not need a Sacrifice, or Atonement, to ascend to heaven, or the higher dimension. They have the potential for this Ascension and in fact one of the reasons that the Master Jesus incarnated was to let them know about this, and he taught them how to pray to the Father in Heaven to activate the process of Ascension. Now Christianity speaks of Jesus as dying on a cross to save you. And you know that the Ascension involves the integration of Christ consciousness, as well as the transmutation of the negative aspects within the personality, and in fact, to externalise and reflect the qualities that the idea of Christ personifies. It is something that you can do yourself and that no one else can do for you. You have a threefold flame within your heart and you have a Christ Self, or blueprint, that you have to reflect. Furthermore, the path of Ascension is not one to follow but to become. By doing so you create the 5th kingdom and you are awakening into the reality of physical angels, as the human kingdom is the 4th.
Understand the systematic theology hidden in the Bible though the ancient records originally contained many truths. The problem is that the recollection, or records, were edited, or re-arranged to form the canonical scriptures of the Roman Church. The concept of an ascension, or resurrection, as a liberation from the consciousness of death and mortality, was previously known in Egypt, and there are plenty of studies demonstrating this. The Roman Church then claimed a uniqueness of divinity for the character the Flavian Emperors created. They elevated a human being to divine status so he would be worshipped in the same manner as the Roman gods. All of this was a strategy of control. They suppressed the truth concerning the possibility of integrating higher consciousness. The Gnostics knew about the potential for doing so. They called it the Spirit Within. This is why their beliefs were esoteric.
The Roman Church claimed God sacrificed his own Son on a cross to atone for the sins of mankind. That original sin was depicted in Genesis 3 as a temptation by a Serpent in the Garden of Eden. But this tree was the forbidden tree of the intellectual argument, as well as the political propaganda of the dark forces that opposed the teachings of the Mystical Schools of the Ascended Masters, or High Priests of Lemuria, symbolised as a Tree of Life that can be associated with the I Am Presence. This Tree of Life is represented in many ancient cosmologies. The story told in Genesis 3 is a recollection of the drama that took place during the Lemurian decline before Atlantis appeared, as it did after the laggards separated from the Lemurian motherland. It is cryptic but still contains the notion that the Serpent was a deceitful liar. It represents the archdeceivers, the Archons of an earlier primordial time.
The idea of sacrificing one’s son is a dark concept and the Old Testament already gives you the message that it is erroneous in the episode in which Archangel Michael stops Abraham from sacrificing his own son, Isaac. So, why did the Roman Church profess that God sacrificed his Only Son to save mankind, and then never explained the spiritual mechanics of this salvation? The concept is obviously in line with the Roman belief of practicing sacrifices to obtain a favour. You will find plenty of evidence that the story of crucifixion was a scenario that the dark forces plotted, or of wishful thinking on their part. It is what they conspired to do to mankind with their agendas.
Christine: There is additional information that may lead to the conclusion that the theme of Resurrection with the Sacrifice on the Cross was inspired from a notion that existed in antiquity, especially in the East. The information is from Joshua D. Stone and his channeling of the Master Djwhal Khul about two decades ago. It’s the idea that the person taking the fourth initiation is in suffering and has laid all things relating to the personality, in the flame, or altar of sacrifice. He becomes a Master of Wisdom, operates on the Buddhic plane of consciousness, and is liberated from the Karmic Wheel of incarnations. He becomes a Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Then in the 5th initiation the transmutation of the lower nature of this Initiate has been compared to its crucifixion. At the 5th initiation which is cosmic, this person becomes an Adept. He has the choice to preserve his body or manifest a new one by Will. In antiquity the Ascended Masters passed into the spiritual world, but they now return or continue their service in the physical world. The person who ascends inhabits the lightbody that has been created by his attraction of the light throughout his incarnations. There is a lot more to say about this subject, but we will have to leave it for another time.

Leaving you in the Light of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, Christine.

Christine: Today we need to go back to a message given by the Master Jesus on November 1, 2015 when he announced the fitting of the Solar garments and explained how the solar garments weaved for the souls like an Ascension suit will produce healing for us from within. When you walk upon the path of Ascension and receive initiations as explained in previous videos the process of healing becomes amplified and is going to be accelerated with our moving deeper into 4th density in this period of Transition. But at first in the following extract the Master Jesus told me what happened in what we might call the beginning of time when he first came to this world.
Extract from Lord Jesus the Christ: Announcing the Ascension Suit, November 1, 2015
Master Jesus: A long time ago I was in the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that is the consciousness of the Christ in a world far beyond the confines of this Galaxy. It was a Galaxy in a much higher dimension than the one we are now. I was troubled when I saw the carnage and devastation that the Reptilians of Orion were causing to literally millions of worlds.
They had been doing this for quite a while by the time this came to my attention, and it reached a point at which I decided to lower my vibrations to become involved in a rescue mission of this Milky Way Galaxy. In order to do so I descended in a serie of forms, creating them one after the other, till I had lowered my consciousness into an etheric vehicle that you might call an incarnation as a Kumara being. Yes, I am the Christ, or Consciousness of the Christ in the Kumara beings who are resident in a higher form, or dimension, upon the planet Venus. We descended further into material form many thousands of years ago, of your real time, into the realms of planet Earth.
This doesn’t include the story of the Solar beings whom we all call ‘Archangels’ and who exist in their higher form in the Great Central Sun at the Center of this Galaxy, and have lowered their vibration into a high form of existence in the Spiritual Sun within, or beyond, the actual physical sun of this Solar System. They also took form among the Kumaras who existed and still do exist upon the Planet Venus, and created soul extensions that incarnated on Earth.
Together we incarnated in an ancient Race upon Earth and lowered the images and patterns of our higher ethereal DNA, and we created a beautiful race of beings who were gigantic by comparison to the present stature of the bodies which present mankind occupies. We created a wondrous golden age civilization called Lemuria. We were able to achieve this during a certain interim of time after the Galactic Federation of Light had recovered control of the Solar system, as the latter had been attacked after the initial attempt to create civilization upon Earth. This is not the complete story of why Earth was chosen but I will just say that it was known that it would play a key role in the salvation of the Galaxy.
As I said, the whole of this Galaxy had been devastated by wars and relentless Reptilian attacks. One by one they had taken over planets on the lower dimensions of materiality. They had taken control of vast areas of the Universe and had an agenda of conquest that was so abominable that it may be beyond your capabilities to attempt to gain some understanding of it all. Following some Meetings we held at higher Council levels a plan was master-minded that included the restoration of the timelines to manifest Divine Will. The scheme was well coordinated. We went back in time and created the Golden Age of Lemuria after the Solar System was made secure. The Galactic Federation of Light had recovered control after many battles, and unfortunately, an accident occurred and the planet Maldek was blown up in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter. There were Reptilians upon that planet and it was why the Galactic Federation of Light was engaged in conflicts that resulted with this devastation. They were the Reptilians that had destroyed the very first colony.
The Earth had been colonised by a branch of Galactic beings, who had evolved over millions of years, and who therefore had a spiritual connection with the Galactic brothers and sisters who are assisting with Ascension. Their first Sirian colony, as I mentioned before, was devastated by attacks from the Reptilians of Orion but control of the Solar System was recovered and a new peace permitted civilization to flourish once again – but ONLY for a few hundred thousands years, and it was called Lemuria.
It was this civilization that left evidence of a high global culture. There were pockets of this surviving culture here and there on Earth even after the time the Atlanteans had carried out their wars of conquest. The survivors of the Lemurian civilization had a connection with those individuals who created the Agarthan kingdom. The culture of Lemuria was spiritual and beautiful, and it was in comparatively more recent times that a decline set in after the Atlanteans attempted to gain supremacy over the whole world.
Initiators were sent to the Atlanteans and a program of Ascension was set up with Mystery schools about which there are some recollections under symbolic images in many scriptures and traditions. However, there was corruption in Atlantean society due to the presence of certain souls that had been permitted to incarnate on Earth after Maldek had been destroyed. After the last island of Atlantis was submerged, pockets of the Lemurian culture continued existing as well as some pockets of negative Atlantean influence in parts of the world where they had hegemony. The Anunnaki now played a role of control both in the occult and physical levels after that time of cataclysmic events which marked the end of the Atlantean civilization.
Christine: You said you were ‘troubled’ and descended in form, could you enlarge on this Master Jesus?
Master Jesus: I was ‘troubled’ because I could see the threat that this situation represented for the Galaxy, other Galaxies, as well as the Universe.
I AM Christ, the consciousness of higher realms that you are going to experience as you raise yourselves in the process of Ascension. So I, in the person of the Kumaras and other higher Beings, came up with a Plan of Ascension of raising the material plane of the Galaxy to a level that would be beyond the reach of the corrupt ones. I could see that their corruption imprisoned the souls of the people whose worlds had been hurled into a spiral of decadence by the law of cause and effect. It was a spiral of miscreation that ended nowhere but in pain, suffering and death.
My mission consisted in putting an end to this vicious circle and I brought Christ consciousness to the soul, and it was to be made available in the process of Ascension after a scheme consisting in the eradication of the antichrist forces which we have been overcoming, both by strategies of the Light and strategies pertaining to the Armageddon of the soul. Light consumes darkness.
Christ consciousness is the Light Body descending now in the process of Ascension. It is the power that changes mankind’s DNA, in coordination with the effects of the photonic light and of the Stargate the Solar System has penetrated on September 28 this year.
Archangel Michael has explained that it was possible to enter the Stargate in a way that would be beneficial to all of mankind for the stripping off of unwanted elements so that certain changes can take place. The objective is peace and a gradual disclosure concerning the truths that have been suppressed. What I have alluded to in my historical background hardly scratches the surface of the iceberg, never mind the invisible part of it which will be exposed in the peak of disclosure that will take place in coming months to mankind.
The Announcement that I wanted to make is that there is to be a physical effet in this Ascension in the not too far future as some among the Lightworkers who are ready for the Ascension are being fitted with the Solar Body Suit of Ascension. It is an etheric envelope or garment.
In previous ages, for comparison, when the Ascension was taking place after death, the soul was taken out of its mortal astral and mental envelopes, or ‘vehicles’. It was then given its wedding garment – the Solar Garment of Ascension – for the reintegration with Christ consciousness. The metaphor has indeed been used that the soul is the bride of Christ.
You may get mental images or perceptions during this operation, especially if you have acquired psychic abilities such as the one for telepathic communication which is accompanied of perceptions. The practice of the visualization of the Tube of Light and Solar ring ties you to Christ consciousness. The more you practice it the more you may be able to experience a perception of what is taking place at the spiritual or auric level while the angels work on you.
When you are out of the body and receive healing, this healing eventually manifests in a physical way. Many of you are experiencing healing at this time. My announcement is with regard to the fact that waves of Lightworkers, people who are ready for the Ascension, and are integrating Christ consciousness, will be fitted with the body suit of Ascension that will be replacing a thin layer of your astral body. This solar garment will then manifest a gradual transfiguration in your physical body.
This is how the Lightworkers will start being healed, gain further enlightenment, and go through a process of rejuvenation that will literally amount to Transfiguration.
Other people will start noticing the changes and will ask themselves questions. Eventually they will want to follow in the footsteps of the Lightworkers and this will give the latter opportunities to take part in more disclosure, or to impart teachings to humanity. Then the body suit of Ascension with be fitted upon more souls and in this way we can still talk in terms of ‘waves of Ascension’.
So this was my update and good news for you. I AM Jesus, I AM in your heart and with you always, releasing to you my eternal blessings.

A Study with my Ascended Twin Flame André followed by a Communication from the Regional Sirian Council of the Galactic Federation of Light which is looking after Earth. This is about the Galactic Federation of Light, the main headquarters of which are located in the constellation of Lyra and the fact that the Regional Council looking after the Solar System is located in the Constellation of Andromeda.
Christine: The Headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light are located in the Vega System in the Constellation of Lyra. This is what Sheldan Nidle states in the first sentence of his 7th chapter in ‘Your First Contact’, published in 2000. In this work he briefs us about the Federation, its origin and its objectives. In the preceding chapter, Sheldan discusses Heaven and how the Divine Will is fulfilled in our world of physicality. In the video ‘The Prophecy’, which really is about galactic history, I have made some references to this work and Sheldan’s mention that the Galactic Federation of Light was founded 4 and a half million years ago, as well as the fact that it was preceded by a Confederation that had existed for a staggering 20 million years before its creation. Some 25 million years ago an organization was indeed created somewhere near the Constellation of Gemini. It acted for the forces of the Light in the Milky Way Galaxy, our Galaxy. And at one time 250 nations were affiliated with it. The reason that there was a need for this Confederation is that some galactic wars were being fought in some locations in the Constellation of Orion which, according to Sheldan, was originally colonized by amphibians and land cetaceans beings who were ‘physical angels’. These appear to have been of a higher dimensional physicality than our present one as we are climbing the ladder, or path, of Ascension which will restore us on earth to angelic physicality. The dark forces of the Reptilian and Dinosauran species had savagely attacked these amphibian and cetacean physical angels in their colonies in the Orion Constellation. This even was before an aquatic ape in Lyra was genetically upgraded to create a galactic human physical angels about 10 million years ago. The Reptilians were from the Constellation of Draco and Cancer. The physical angels left their home and took refuge near Rigel but the scenarios were very much like in the TV series of Galactica, as the Reptilians raided various sectors of this galaxy. Archangel Michael has told me he returned to the past from the future and caused timelines to be modified. Please refer to the Video entitled ‘The Prophecy’. Archangel Michael’s ancient Prophecy, as Sheldan has explained, was about the central role the Earth would play in destiny both for the dark forces and the Light. As I understand it, the Divine Plan was to take the place of physicality to a more secure level. It was indeed due to interference that we descended to the 3rd dimension and mankind has been held in bondage by the dark forces. The plan also was to convert the dark to Light by transmutation and if it would not bend the knee, the dark would be taken to the Great Central Sun and be consumed in the Sacred Fire prepared for the fallen angels, those reptilians who had at one time dwelled upon a higher dimension, the 4th, then cut themselves off from any connection with the Divine, represented in scripture as a fall by pride. Because of the distortion affecting their perception they followed an agenda of self-gain and destruction, and set themselves as the Adversary of Almighty God. The Mystic and Messenger E. C. Prophet used to say that fallen angels referred to as the Watchers in the book of Enoch, and Nephilim in Genesis, were completely cut off from the Godhead. By comparison the sons and daughters of God, the lightbearers born in the Great Central Sun, have a connection in the heart chakra to the I Am Presence, the Spirit spark. It is the threefold flame. Mankind’s spectrum of consciousness was restricted after the misuses carried out during the Atlantean days and, according to Sheldan, its DNA was tampered with about 13,000 years ago. The dark had desires of conquest of the entire galaxy and their leading force was ‘Anchara’ spelled: A N C H A R A. For 5 million years they gained dominion over many sectors of the galaxy. Archangel Michael told me that the Lords of Light of higher dimension disagreed with the use of force to resist those dark forces for a while. Those Lords were ethereal in form and did not want to intervene though many worlds were brutally destroyed. Archangel Michael said that he initiated some action that was at first, just at first, regarded as controversial by those beings. Then there were galactic wars as the dark ones attacked many worlds. However, the forces of the Light devised a way of operation consisting in transforming perception and consciousness, rather than with annihilation and spilling blood. Many nations came together under the banner of the first Confederation and after some time they were a total of 250 nations. Archangel Michael brought to them the Divine Will for the destiny of this Galaxy from the higher octaves, and this is what was interpreted as a prophecy, or a predestined Event. He said to me it was him who founded the Galactic Federation of Light 4 and a half million years ago, but also the preceding Confederation when he went back to the past. He acted as a Messenger for the Lords of Light of higher dimensions as they had formed a divine Plan to rescue the beings of the Universe of physicality. Part of this plan was the creation of the Galactic Federation of Light. So the galactic nations, which had collaborated under the first Confederation in physicality, were offered to come together under a new Federation, as well as under the direction of the Lords of Light of the higher dimensions. In other words under the direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In another video we shall look at the Order of Melchizedek, as well as at Ashtar Command, and a definition for the Great White Brotherhood also referred to as the Brotherhood of the Star. Many star nations were therefore united under the same banner as the Galactic Federation of Light expanded within our galaxy and beyond. The Galactic Federation of Light was not merely an organization of extraterrestrial beings on the physical dimension, but a multi-dimensional one directed by the Great Central Sun, the highest beings of Light. Many of us, messengers and channelers, receive telepathic communications from these beings of higher dimensions, as for instance from Archangels and Ascended Masters, or Adronis of Sirius. They are christed beings, which means they are in Christ consciousness. It is something that we are integrating upon the Path of Ascension. Archangels have taken incarnation in etheric bodies which is a physicality of higher dimension, and some had done so at the time that the Galactic Federation of Light was founded. So it was in incarnation that Archangel Michael was active at the time. About 18 million years ago Lord Sanat Kumara took such an etheric incarnation to direct the occult evolution of the souls of Earth in this Solar System. The Galactic Wars involved the elimination of a vortex of dark energy in space that has now been achieved. The Reptilian mafia has been abolished. This had to be tackled before the dark forces could be removed from Earth and the last challenge is still being worked on. But to return to the story, battles were waged in Orion where colonies were attacked. The Lords of the highest dimension manifested a new destiny by changing the past that had already been created and they changed those timelines. They created a new future. The Federation constantly searched for other civilizations that would be eligible to join it. They have a plan to free mankind from its captivity to the dark masters who control it, and to restore the earth, not only to a pollution-free state, but to a higher place, or dimension. The plan is what we refer to as ‘Ascension’. We will shortly enter a time of transition leading to contacts when the Federation’s scientists will help us to recreate Gaia as well as create a golden age civilization. They will bring the technology that will restore the planet’s environment. Mankind will be taught how to achieve ascension to the 5th dimension. Mankind will be represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. The Master El Morya, the Chohan of the First Ray of God’s Will, has been acting on our behalf from the Darjeeling Council, but this was from his etheric position. He was the legendary King Arthur who founded a round table and I have compared the Galactic Federation of Light to a Cosmic Round Table at which a representative of Earth will one day sit at.
According to Sheldan, the Galactic Federation of Light has a membership of about 400,000 star nations. Its main Federation Council represents over 200,000 star systems, which use Science and Exploration teams, and use defense forces in their space missions. They have liaison groups for communication. There are 14 Regional Councils. Now this is important. I repeat they have 14 Regional Councils as there are governing Councils for different Star Systems. The liaison groups comprise 2 billion officers. They have defense or intervention fleets provided by the Star Nations and their planets. They communicate with each other as well as with the higher beings of Light who dwell upon the higher dimensions, and also with us who are channelers and can receive the messages they communicate by tele-though transmissions, or telepathy. They monitor us and have imposed rules to the dark Elite. The latter are forbidden to start a nuclear war for instance. The Masters and Archangels say ‘this will not be allowed’.
A very important detail is the fact that the Headquarters of the main Federation Council of the Galactic Federation of Light are situated in the Vega Sun System which is in the Constellation of Lyra. However, Regional Councils deal with local matters and there are 24 governing Councils that are regional. The Council that is looking after the Solar System is the Sirian Regional Governing Council, and it is located in the Andromeda Constellation.
We are under the hegemony of a Sirian Regional Council. This was not always the case as Pleiadeans were previously in charge of the management of the Solar System. Please note that the Headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light are located in Lyra, but that the headquarters of the Sirian Regional Council, the Council to which we are attached on earth, are located in the Andromeda Constellation. I repeat, the Sirian Regional Council is located in the Adromeda Constellation, not in the God or Dog Star system. The fact that it is in the Andromeda Constellation is what Sheldan Nidle states in his book and has been confirmed. This is being emphasized to stress that the Sirian Regional Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, the headquarters of which are in Andromeda, has no connection with a so-called ‘Andromeda Council’ whose alleged contactee has denied the existence of the a spiritual hierarchy, as well as that the Galactic Federation of Light.
Today, October 23, I have done some calls and prayers for an hour hoping to receive a dictation. I first received a message from Lord Sanat Kumara who said he is still with us, though in our Sun, and that he will release an announcement soon. I was then quite surprised to receive a communication from our Sirian Regional Council, as follows:
Sirian Regional Council: This is the Andromedan Council, the Council situated in the Andromeda Constellation, which has the hegemony for your Earth and has taken over its management. I am from Lyra and will dictate to you some information concerning this deplorable state of affairs that you would like to be clarified to provide some guidance for your followers. Thank you. Yes, there has been quite a lot of disruption in the ranks of the lightworkers due to this situation which has resulted from a claim that the Galactic Federation of Light does not exist. It has been regarded as a problem on our side too. We will eventually go to the bottom of this affair, or situation, and you have started digging, for which we are grateful, as you have identified one of the problems, i.e. this so-called contactee, not that I don’t believe he is one, but I don’t believe his sources are what they claim to be. What I am saying is that there is disinformation or propaganda at the bottom of this affair, and this person has not reached the spiritual level of awakening sufficient for his reaching an awareness as to the forces of darkness using him to disseminate the ideas that he has, especially in respect of his denying the existence of the Galactic Federation of Light. Some of the information he is spreading is, however, correct which indicates its origin. For instance, the battles and removal of reptilians is something that they themselves know for it is happening to them. At one time he claimed that Galactic Federation of Light was only 1000 years old and he had not consulted Sheldan Nidle’s information about this, which you have mentioned in your study. About his tale, how he was first contacted and taken aboard a craft, then taken to the past to observe, with callousness or cold-heartedness, a young girl losing her life in a fire. Those of the sinister force who have secretly pulled the strings of control for their agenda of global conquest, have developed a technology as part of their secret programs, one of which, as some among you may know, is related to time travel. They have used it to observe past and future events but their Looking Glass technology has malfunctioned beyond the year 2012 because of the Ascension process, as well as the way in which timelines have been modified. And we, on higher dimensions, do not need to observe what people experience, to see how they suffer, if the Law permits it we much prefer attempting to save them, and are well aware of the range of feelings human beings are capable of. We have a higher range of such feelings, not less. So the being this contactee encountered was certainly not of the Light. This discernment may be sufficient to prove the case. We will address these matters in a complete way at some time in your future, which is not too distant. For the time being, let it be sufficient to say that all is in good progress with our work of contribution for the fulfillment of Archangel Michael’s ancient Prophecy. A great amount of disclosure is being carried out, and as intended, you are on the verge of a shift in your density because you have reached a ceiling that you are presently passing through, and the great catalyst is the amount of shocking disclosure taking place as it is causing consternation, and new narratives, attempting to review what is taking place, are altering people’s perceptions, as well as their attitude to all the great questions of Life. And yes, Lord Sanat Kumara has informed you during your calls, that although he is in the sun he is still with Earth and will be releasing an Announcement soon. I leave you guarded in the Light to which we have Alliance. We live in Light. This was from the Sirian Regional Council located in Andromeda.
Christine: I sent much thanks to the Sirian Regional Council for their message.