A Study with my Ascended Twin Flame André followed by a Communication from the Regional Sirian Council of the Galactic Federation of Light which is looking after Earth. This is about the Galactic Federation of Light, the main headquarters of which are located in the constellation of Lyra and the fact that the Regional Council looking after the Solar System is located in the Constellation of Andromeda.
Christine: The Headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light are located in the Vega System in the Constellation of Lyra. This is what Sheldan Nidle states in the first sentence of his 7th chapter in ‘Your First Contact’, published in 2000. In this work he briefs us about the Federation, its origin and its objectives. In the preceding chapter, Sheldan discusses Heaven and how the Divine Will is fulfilled in our world of physicality. In the video ‘The Prophecy’, which really is about galactic history, I have made some references to this work and Sheldan’s mention that the Galactic Federation of Light was founded 4 and a half million years ago, as well as the fact that it was preceded by a Confederation that had existed for a staggering 20 million years before its creation. Some 25 million years ago an organization was indeed created somewhere near the Constellation of Gemini. It acted for the forces of the Light in the Milky Way Galaxy, our Galaxy. And at one time 250 nations were affiliated with it. The reason that there was a need for this Confederation is that some galactic wars were being fought in some locations in the Constellation of Orion which, according to Sheldan, was originally colonized by amphibians and land cetaceans beings who were ‘physical angels’. These appear to have been of a higher dimensional physicality than our present one as we are climbing the ladder, or path, of Ascension which will restore us on earth to angelic physicality. The dark forces of the Reptilian and Dinosauran species had savagely attacked these amphibian and cetacean physical angels in their colonies in the Orion Constellation. This even was before an aquatic ape in Lyra was genetically upgraded to create a galactic human physical angels about 10 million years ago. The Reptilians were from the Constellation of Draco and Cancer. The physical angels left their home and took refuge near Rigel but the scenarios were very much like in the TV series of Galactica, as the Reptilians raided various sectors of this galaxy. Archangel Michael has told me he returned to the past from the future and caused timelines to be modified. Please refer to the Video entitled ‘The Prophecy’. Archangel Michael’s ancient Prophecy, as Sheldan has explained, was about the central role the Earth would play in destiny both for the dark forces and the Light. As I understand it, the Divine Plan was to take the place of physicality to a more secure level. It was indeed due to interference that we descended to the 3rd dimension and mankind has been held in bondage by the dark forces. The plan also was to convert the dark to Light by transmutation and if it would not bend the knee, the dark would be taken to the Great Central Sun and be consumed in the Sacred Fire prepared for the fallen angels, those reptilians who had at one time dwelled upon a higher dimension, the 4th, then cut themselves off from any connection with the Divine, represented in scripture as a fall by pride. Because of the distortion affecting their perception they followed an agenda of self-gain and destruction, and set themselves as the Adversary of Almighty God. The Mystic and Messenger E. C. Prophet used to say that fallen angels referred to as the Watchers in the book of Enoch, and Nephilim in Genesis, were completely cut off from the Godhead. By comparison the sons and daughters of God, the lightbearers born in the Great Central Sun, have a connection in the heart chakra to the I Am Presence, the Spirit spark. It is the threefold flame. Mankind’s spectrum of consciousness was restricted after the misuses carried out during the Atlantean days and, according to Sheldan, its DNA was tampered with about 13,000 years ago. The dark had desires of conquest of the entire galaxy and their leading force was ‘Anchara’ spelled: A N C H A R A. For 5 million years they gained dominion over many sectors of the galaxy. Archangel Michael told me that the Lords of Light of higher dimension disagreed with the use of force to resist those dark forces for a while. Those Lords were ethereal in form and did not want to intervene though many worlds were brutally destroyed. Archangel Michael said that he initiated some action that was at first, just at first, regarded as controversial by those beings. Then there were galactic wars as the dark ones attacked many worlds. However, the forces of the Light devised a way of operation consisting in transforming perception and consciousness, rather than with annihilation and spilling blood. Many nations came together under the banner of the first Confederation and after some time they were a total of 250 nations. Archangel Michael brought to them the Divine Will for the destiny of this Galaxy from the higher octaves, and this is what was interpreted as a prophecy, or a predestined Event. He said to me it was him who founded the Galactic Federation of Light 4 and a half million years ago, but also the preceding Confederation when he went back to the past. He acted as a Messenger for the Lords of Light of higher dimensions as they had formed a divine Plan to rescue the beings of the Universe of physicality. Part of this plan was the creation of the Galactic Federation of Light. So the galactic nations, which had collaborated under the first Confederation in physicality, were offered to come together under a new Federation, as well as under the direction of the Lords of Light of the higher dimensions. In other words under the direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In another video we shall look at the Order of Melchizedek, as well as at Ashtar Command, and a definition for the Great White Brotherhood also referred to as the Brotherhood of the Star. Many star nations were therefore united under the same banner as the Galactic Federation of Light expanded within our galaxy and beyond. The Galactic Federation of Light was not merely an organization of extraterrestrial beings on the physical dimension, but a multi-dimensional one directed by the Great Central Sun, the highest beings of Light. Many of us, messengers and channelers, receive telepathic communications from these beings of higher dimensions, as for instance from Archangels and Ascended Masters, or Adronis of Sirius. They are christed beings, which means they are in Christ consciousness. It is something that we are integrating upon the Path of Ascension. Archangels have taken incarnation in etheric bodies which is a physicality of higher dimension, and some had done so at the time that the Galactic Federation of Light was founded. So it was in incarnation that Archangel Michael was active at the time. About 18 million years ago Lord Sanat Kumara took such an etheric incarnation to direct the occult evolution of the souls of Earth in this Solar System. The Galactic Wars involved the elimination of a vortex of dark energy in space that has now been achieved. The Reptilian mafia has been abolished. This had to be tackled before the dark forces could be removed from Earth and the last challenge is still being worked on. But to return to the story, battles were waged in Orion where colonies were attacked. The Lords of the highest dimension manifested a new destiny by changing the past that had already been created and they changed those timelines. They created a new future. The Federation constantly searched for other civilizations that would be eligible to join it. They have a plan to free mankind from its captivity to the dark masters who control it, and to restore the earth, not only to a pollution-free state, but to a higher place, or dimension. The plan is what we refer to as ‘Ascension’. We will shortly enter a time of transition leading to contacts when the Federation’s scientists will help us to recreate Gaia as well as create a golden age civilization. They will bring the technology that will restore the planet’s environment. Mankind will be taught how to achieve ascension to the 5th dimension. Mankind will be represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. The Master El Morya, the Chohan of the First Ray of God’s Will, has been acting on our behalf from the Darjeeling Council, but this was from his etheric position. He was the legendary King Arthur who founded a round table and I have compared the Galactic Federation of Light to a Cosmic Round Table at which a representative of Earth will one day sit at.
According to Sheldan, the Galactic Federation of Light has a membership of about 400,000 star nations. Its main Federation Council represents over 200,000 star systems, which use Science and Exploration teams, and use defense forces in their space missions. They have liaison groups for communication. There are 14 Regional Councils. Now this is important. I repeat they have 14 Regional Councils as there are governing Councils for different Star Systems. The liaison groups comprise 2 billion officers. They have defense or intervention fleets provided by the Star Nations and their planets. They communicate with each other as well as with the higher beings of Light who dwell upon the higher dimensions, and also with us who are channelers and can receive the messages they communicate by tele-though transmissions, or telepathy. They monitor us and have imposed rules to the dark Elite. The latter are forbidden to start a nuclear war for instance. The Masters and Archangels say ‘this will not be allowed’.
A very important detail is the fact that the Headquarters of the main Federation Council of the Galactic Federation of Light are situated in the Vega Sun System which is in the Constellation of Lyra. However, Regional Councils deal with local matters and there are 24 governing Councils that are regional. The Council that is looking after the Solar System is the Sirian Regional Governing Council, and it is located in the Andromeda Constellation.
We are under the hegemony of a Sirian Regional Council. This was not always the case as Pleiadeans were previously in charge of the management of the Solar System. Please note that the Headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light are located in Lyra, but that the headquarters of the Sirian Regional Council, the Council to which we are attached on earth, are located in the Andromeda Constellation. I repeat, the Sirian Regional Council is located in the Adromeda Constellation, not in the God or Dog Star system. The fact that it is in the Andromeda Constellation is what Sheldan Nidle states in his book and has been confirmed. This is being emphasized to stress that the Sirian Regional Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, the headquarters of which are in Andromeda, has no connection with a so-called ‘Andromeda Council’ whose alleged contactee has denied the existence of the a spiritual hierarchy, as well as that the Galactic Federation of Light.
Today, October 23, I have done some calls and prayers for an hour hoping to receive a dictation. I first received a message from Lord Sanat Kumara who said he is still with us, though in our Sun, and that he will release an announcement soon. I was then quite surprised to receive a communication from our Sirian Regional Council, as follows:
Sirian Regional Council: This is the Andromedan Council, the Council situated in the Andromeda Constellation, which has the hegemony for your Earth and has taken over its management. I am from Lyra and will dictate to you some information concerning this deplorable state of affairs that you would like to be clarified to provide some guidance for your followers. Thank you. Yes, there has been quite a lot of disruption in the ranks of the lightworkers due to this situation which has resulted from a claim that the Galactic Federation of Light does not exist. It has been regarded as a problem on our side too. We will eventually go to the bottom of this affair, or situation, and you have started digging, for which we are grateful, as you have identified one of the problems, i.e. this so-called contactee, not that I don’t believe he is one, but I don’t believe his sources are what they claim to be. What I am saying is that there is disinformation or propaganda at the bottom of this affair, and this person has not reached the spiritual level of awakening sufficient for his reaching an awareness as to the forces of darkness using him to disseminate the ideas that he has, especially in respect of his denying the existence of the Galactic Federation of Light. Some of the information he is spreading is, however, correct which indicates its origin. For instance, the battles and removal of reptilians is something that they themselves know for it is happening to them. At one time he claimed that Galactic Federation of Light was only 1000 years old and he had not consulted Sheldan Nidle’s information about this, which you have mentioned in your study. About his tale, how he was first contacted and taken aboard a craft, then taken to the past to observe, with callousness or cold-heartedness, a young girl losing her life in a fire. Those of the sinister force who have secretly pulled the strings of control for their agenda of global conquest, have developed a technology as part of their secret programs, one of which, as some among you may know, is related to time travel. They have used it to observe past and future events but their Looking Glass technology has malfunctioned beyond the year 2012 because of the Ascension process, as well as the way in which timelines have been modified. And we, on higher dimensions, do not need to observe what people experience, to see how they suffer, if the Law permits it we much prefer attempting to save them, and are well aware of the range of feelings human beings are capable of. We have a higher range of such feelings, not less. So the being this contactee encountered was certainly not of the Light. This discernment may be sufficient to prove the case. We will address these matters in a complete way at some time in your future, which is not too distant. For the time being, let it be sufficient to say that all is in good progress with our work of contribution for the fulfillment of Archangel Michael’s ancient Prophecy. A great amount of disclosure is being carried out, and as intended, you are on the verge of a shift in your density because you have reached a ceiling that you are presently passing through, and the great catalyst is the amount of shocking disclosure taking place as it is causing consternation, and new narratives, attempting to review what is taking place, are altering people’s perceptions, as well as their attitude to all the great questions of Life. And yes, Lord Sanat Kumara has informed you during your calls, that although he is in the sun he is still with Earth and will be releasing an Announcement soon. I leave you guarded in the Light to which we have Alliance. We live in Light. This was from the Sirian Regional Council located in Andromeda.
Christine: I sent much thanks to the Sirian Regional Council for their message.

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