About my intent

This blog focuses on Metatron. I remember, in my childhood, there was a computer game called Tron. This name impressed me somehow. Later on, hearing about Metatron, I could not help but making an easy joke like « Mets ta » / « Put your ». The end of it was far too familiar with the word « tronche » stating for « face » in slang french. « Mets ta tronche en face de moi » would then mean « Put your face in front of me ». I was like a child making random puns. Metatron was fine with that, I’m sure – the stern godly figure did not ever complain to me regarding this breach in the etiquette. I did not know how serious his role is at the time. He sounded a bit like an outsider among the angels for me, the one coming from the computerized black and green planet. Now I am taught that Metatron is not only an Archangel but also the Keeper of the Ark of Transcendance a lot closer to God that I could at first imagine. In fact it is stated that he is God’s first adviser. He has a throne, even. Right next to the Creator! I doubt now my sense of humour would make him smile; at least, his embodied aspect as Nilesh Mistry makes him more accessible to… my silly jokes. I just have to be sure that my joke is not turning into a yoke unexpectingly! What Mistery! Metatron is my Mister E! The master of Energetics! The Ministry of Love has sent his Champion! Let’s welcome him!