Another nice number synchronicity as I am working at enhancing a video with Christine Preston’s recent synthesis about the 3 days of darkness and the shift to 5D (I was told telepathically it will be sustained in the holographic way, confirming the computerized simulation theory after which Muse entitled his last 2018 album). 7777 views, to be compared with my 5555th comment on the latter band’s video and the topic Brad Johnson adresses here : the 6th density consciousness from which Adronis, in different versions of himself and the collective he belongs to, relay his message from a « memory » perspective and a connection to different systems and stars, related to the 3d planet on Sirius A he is channeling from. I may add that my friend Esther White received the visit from a being who called himself « Andronicus » as far as she could hear, along with the mention of « siran ». I told her it may be Sirian in fact. As we were able to communicate, he confirmed to me his residing in Sirius A. There is a high probability that Andronicus is in fact Adronis. Adonaï, brother! You told me that I am the keyhole of a star alignment to be made tangible in uniting our consciousness, while Esther is the keyholder to the stars. Last night I was said that I am also the keyholder « to the planet » and her rising in energies. It came as a loud download of words. During our « talk » through Esther, we were guided to talk about the Ankh symbol as a key to replace the one from the Vatican, through the Obelisk there as a dark activation element. I then understood how the 5th element of Love has to play a role in the stargate of the stargates. May peace shine on Earth, Terra, Gaia and Sophia alltogether for the next steps to be taken towards ascension!

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